Forged in the combined fires of pop sensibility, funk dance-ability, art-house creativity, jam band versatility and rock intensity, Homunculus was staging a grass-roots attack. The target: everyone; everyone who wanted more from their rock music than the post-grunge wannabes could provide; everyone who yearned to sing along to mood-altering melodies without giving in to the glossy pop groups who stood on the shoulders of the one-hit wonders before them; everyone who wanted their music to be visceral, cerebral, primal and, most importantly, vital.

And so it was that Homunculus roamed the countryside from hole to hole, pub to pub, and club to club, until they had amassed a respectable and loyal following. Their extraordinary musicianship was very evident when the band played live-lengthy jams and medleys often grabbed the audiences’ emotions and took them wherever the band damn-well pleased.

Near the end of 1998, Homunculus moved to Cincinnati and stepped up their touring schedule. They were now headlining clubs from Chicago to New York, and the future looked brighter than ever before. Unfortunately, in 1999, a few lineup changes hindered the songwriting process and the next year saw no new material released by the band. Homunculus did, however, thank their fans for sticking by them with the release of Live from the Wetlands Preserve, a sort of stop-gap between studio albums.

But while 2000 appeared to bear little fruit as far as a new album, their live shows were better than ever. And fortunately, the band found time to write and record what would become their best set of songs to date. With the 2001 release of WORDS, Homunculus has truly capitalized on what makes them great-exquisite and original songwriting and phenomenal musicianship.

(extremely edited bio – originally written by S.K. Chowdhury – Chicago. Updated bio coming soon!)